What Afryculture Org is

A Non-Profit Organisation

Afryculture Org is a Non-Profit organisation. We work to promote good cultures found in Africa, many of these present in remote villages yet untapped. We will also work to see to the abolishment of all bad cultures suffering our people.

A Non-Religious Organisation

Afryculture org is a Non-religious Organisation. All Africans, irrespective of religion, who have the zeal to build a modern, better, healthier and free africa is accepted to join Afryculture Org..

A Free To Join Organisation

Afryculture Org is a FREE to join organisation. No financial obligation is required from incoming and existing members. All Africans from age 15 and above are encouraged to join Afryculture Org.

SOME Cultures in Africa

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AfryCulture Org is an Organisation of modern African People who have come together for the purpose of promoting good African cultures and in so doing, ensuring Happy and Healthy living of the people.  Also, to ensure the protection of every Africans’ Rights as a Human by working towards the abolishment of all bad cultures still practiced

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We Invite All Africans, Irespective of Religion, Tribe, Gender or colour, to Join Afryculture Org. It is Free to Join